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Synergie Fresh Air is proud to be the most reliable and affordable re-seller of Daikin Products throughout all of Brevard County. We have experience with every brand of air ventilation systems on the market and for many reasons we have partnered up with Daikin, making their systems our home product. Over years of working in the industry working with all types of HVAC systems, from the original split systems to the multi-zones and heat pumps we have learned to trust Daikin products over any other brand of heating, ventilation and cooling systems on the market. Daikin is now the #1 Worldwide, it’s not a surprise considering they have a 12 year warranty on all their systems and their focus of lowering energy consumption all the while increasing comfort levels ..

Synergie Fresh Air can provide you with the best possible system for your needs, offering you high levels of comfort and lowering your energy bill. Whether your needs are for a large or medium house with multiple rooms or a smaller type condo flat, we have the solution system for you. Daikin are always ahead of the curve offering stylish and efficient new technologies, find out more about Daikin’s Wifi wall mounted system.

With all our Daikin systems, we offer 12 year warranty on all installations, feel free to contact us for any additional information. With our new financing options comfort has never been more affordable.

Ventilation Installation

Getting your own ventilation system has never been simpler. We understand that the installation of your new system can be a priority. We value your time and urgency, From small wall mounted units to 5 ton central systems we have the solution that’s right for you. Get in touch with our representatives today and find out more about our products.

Ventilation Repair

Like for all brands and products, Synergie Fresh Air is here for repair and maintenance for all ventilation systems. From warranty replacement parts to diagnosing your machine, we have the knowledge and experience to have your system running in no time. With over ten years in experience our certified professionals will diagnose your issues and suggest the best course of action, our objective is always your comfort and satisfaction.
Maintenance of your air conditioning and ventilation system is a must, most repairs addressed at Synergie Fresh Air are a directly associated to systems not being maintained properly over years use. With all heating and cooling systems dust can clog up even the best machines, we offer yearly maintenance programs that included the full treatment package, providing you with best possible air for your home or workplace.


What are the requirements regarding ventilation?

The requirements for ventilation vary depending on the building code, occupancy type, and local regulations. In general, ventilation systems must provide a minimum amount of outdoor air based on the number of occupants and activity levels in the building, and meet standards for air distribution, filtration, and control of moisture and pollutants.

What is the purpose of installing ventilation system?

The purpose of installing a ventilation system is to circulate and exchange air within a building, providing fresh air and removing stale or polluted air. This helps to maintain indoor air quality, regulate temperature and humidity, and prevent the buildup of harmful pollutants and excess moisture, which can lead to health problems and structural damage

How often should ventilation systems be serviced?

Ventilation systems should be serviced at least once a year, preferably before the heating or cooling season begins. Regular maintenance helps ensure that the system is running efficiently, improves indoor air quality, and reduces the risk of breakdowns or expensive repairs.