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Investing in home comfort with the purchase of a heat pump is a great choice for anyone interested in energy savings. A heat pump is perfectly capable of withstanding year-round moderate temperatures. Synergie Fresh Air Heat Pumps give you all-year performance and comfort by heating or cooling your home according to your needs. They’re the perfect solution to complete comfort in the home.
A heat pump system is able to allow heat to be carried from a lower to a higher temperature level inverting natural heat flow which is from higher to lower temperature. The feature that makes heat pumps so well-suited to our climate is their ability to move heat from outside to your home’s interior on demand. When you want to cool your home, the heat pump collects the heat from inside your home and moves it outside. This process is carried out by a little device called a reversing valve that switches the cycle back and forth. Heaters and air conditioners are single-function units, but a heat pump’s reversing valve allows it to act like two units in one convenient package.
It’s recommended to service your system at least once a year to avoid unwelcome situations such as leakages, inefficient cooling or condensation problems. Synergie Fresh Air has the most knowledgeable technicians specialized in heating and cooling systems to address any of these complications and to assure that your equipment is working efficiently when you need it the most. Our preventative maintenance program takes care of every detail of your system keeping you air conditioning heat pump working like new.
SInergie Fraicheur home comfort specialists can help you find the right heat pump for your home by making recommendations based on your needs.


What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a type of heating and cooling system that moves heat from one location to another. It uses refrigerant and a compressor to transfer heat from outdoor air, ground, or water to the inside of a building for heating, and vice versa for cooling. Heat pumps can be very energy-efficient.

Is it worth getting a heat pump?

Whether it’s worth getting a heat pump depends on various factors, such as the climate, the size of the home, and the cost of energy. In general, heat pumps are more energy-efficient than traditional heating systems and can provide significant cost savings in the long run. However, upfront costs can be higher, so it’s important to consider the investment carefully.

Is a heat pump enough to heat a house?
Whether a heat pump is enough to heat a house depends on various factors such as the climate, the size of the home, and the insulation level. In colder climates, a heat pump may not be sufficient as the temperature drops. In such cases, a supplemental heating system may be needed to provide adequate heating.